Father and Son

In celebration of Father’s Day today, Richard‘s guest is Jeremiah Castille, University of Alabama football legend and All American, who went on to play for


The Hunger of the Soul

What has shaped your ideas about life and about God? Where did you get those ideas and beliefs? Where did you get the perspective that


The Humble Christ

HG Wells was one of the great historians to have ever lived. He was not a Christian nor a religious man, but in his book


Life in Heaven

What will life in heaven really be like? Will we just be spiritual beings floating around in heaven? The Bible teaches that heaven is a


A Second Touch

Are we in the land of the living? Actually, we are in the land of the dying. My guest today, Jerry Leachman, would tell you


Level 4 Friendship

There is one thing that each of us need – if you have this, it will make your life. Tragedies and heartbreak will come, but


Sowing and Reaping

Today’s podcast is from a group Bible study I am teaching about the principle of sowing and reaping. I believe that for every person who


Practical Faith

Today I’m honored to share a talk with you that my good friend and former NFL chaplain Jerry Leachman gave at a large men’s breakfast


The Pearl of Great Value

Today I am discussing Jesus’ parable about the pearl of great value, taken from Matthew 13:44-46. “Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like treasure hidden


It Is Finished

Why did Jesus’ death change everything forever? What did He mean when He said, “It is finished?” Well, the answer glimmers all through scripture, but


Life’s Great Treasure

When Jesus speaks, everything He says that’s recorded in the Gospels is significant. Some of the things he says are parables, or stories with symbolic


Barriers To Belief

In today’s podcast I share about two different meetings with 2 different men, both who had some type of belief in God and Jesus, but


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Reflections on the Existence of God


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