The Search for Wisdom – Part 1

The Search for Wisdom – Part 3

How does wisdom impact our lives? Well, it impacts the decisions and the choices we make in life.

Wisdom changes people. It impacts not only what we see, but what we choose. This is of critical importance because our lives end up being the sum of the choices we make as we walk down the path of life.

Your life today is the sum of the choices that you’ve made over a lifetime.

The way of wisdom is a path, where you become wise by assuming a certain set of daily practices. As you adopt these practices, these disciplines, and do them over and over again, eventually you become wise. Wisdom is not a door, as most of us would hope it is where we can turn a key and find some secret knowledge. Wisdom is a long, patient quest. It does not come quickly.

How must I change my daily practices so that I’m going down a path that leads to a deeper relationship with God? This is the heart of wisdom.


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