Big Boy Talk

Big Boy Talk

What is the desire of your heart for this new year?

Jerry Leachman of Leachman Ministries joins us today with a message to fuel your passions for 2023. How to cultivate an inner circle of wise people that can strengthen you and give clarity to your life. Most men don’t even have an inner circle. They just have acquaintances. You need a wing man. If you don’t have one, then pray for one. If you’ve got one, then make sure you’re getting regular time with him. Go.

What kind of men are we going to be from here on in? You’d better get in a group. You’d better have a wing man on Omaha beach.

How in the world did the troops get off of Omaha Beach? They banded themselves into small groups of men. They designated leaders and they got off the beach because they were working together. They realized there were only two kinds of men on the beach – dead men and men who were going to get off the beach. Get with some brothers who love Jesus Christ and are serious. Iron sharpens iron. Your fear will go down. They will buffet evil in your life. They will influence you from doing unwise things, and your personal power and your potential for godliness will increase. Find a wingman.

The last thing is we must hear God and obey Him. In Psalm 81, it says, “My people would not heed my voice. Israel would have none of me, so I gave them over…” There it is. He abandoned them. “I gave them over to their own stubborn heart to walk in their own council. Oh, that my people would listen to me, that Israel would walk in my ways.” Maybe you’ve lost faith. God can turn your life around.

Join Jesus Christ. Put His jersey on and get out on the battlefield with the men. Offer your service to the Lord. Whatever that would mean, He’ll tell you, but you’ve got to be all in now.

Jerry is a favorite speaker at The Center’s events. Along with being an associate Chaplain in The NFL for many years, Jerry has done ministry in Guatemala, Scotland, Russia, Europe and Africa as well as all over the U.S.

He and his wife Holly have been on Young Life Staff and continue to be involved with Young Life here and also internationally.


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