The Search for Wisdom – Part 1

The Search for Wisdom – Part 1

Imagine that you’re at work and, and things aren’t going well in your marriage, or you and your wife are going through a dry season. You’re invited to go to lunch with an attractive single woman. And you reason to yourself, there’s nothing wrong with going to lunch. There’s nothing morally wrong with making that decision.

Several weeks later you’re working late on a special project and you’re finally finished. All of a sudden the two of you are there at work and you say, well, let’s go get a bite to eat. There’s nothing wrong with going to dinner. Over dinner, you begin to share the struggles of your marriage. Again, nothing wrong with that, with sharing with somebody what’s going on with your marriage. But, we shouldn’t be asking, is this right or wrong? We should be asking, “Is this wise?”

Is there anything more important in life that we should be pursuing more than wisdom? As we go through this study, I believe that we will all conclude that wisdom has such great value because of its impact on our wellbeing and on the quality of our lives and our relationships.


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