The Uniqueness Of Christ In A World Full Of Religion – Part 1

The Uniqueness Of Christ In A World Full Of Religion – Part 1

We live in a time where the ideology of religious pluralism is becoming more and more dominant in our culture. A religious pluralist is one who believes that all religions are different paths that lead to the divine, and therefore, all religions are valid. In other words, it’s like there’s this one God out there but He just wears many faces when you look at the landscape of all the world’s religions.

You see, all religions make certain true claims about spirituality, but the question is, “Are their claims true?” C.S. Lewis said that modern people don’t seem to care about whether it’s truthful or not. They’re only interested in how it appeals to you and how it makes you feel – how it fits into your life.

A couple years ago I was sitting at a table with a guy who wanted to talk about the existence of God. We’ll say his name was John. I suggested a good starting point is, that God either exists or He doesn’t. One of those statements is true and one of those statements is false. His response to me was, no, both of them can be true. Well, there was another guy sitting at the table and he was an accountant. The great thing about accountants is that they are very objective. He just spoke up and said, “No, John, Richard’s right. Either God exists or He does not exist. They both cannot be true. They both cannot be true statements.


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