The Uniqueness Of Christ In A World Full Of Religion – Part 2

The Uniqueness Of Christ In A World Full Of Religion – Part 2

Does it really matter what we put our faith in? If you’re going to really put your faith in something, it has to have a strong foundation to undergird it – otherwise it’s just blind speculation. Think about it this way: you can have very little faith in thick ice and it will hold you up just fine when you walk out onto it. On the other hand, you can have enormous faith in thin ice, and you can drown.

It’s not the amount of faith you can muster up that matters. In fact, Jesus says that your faith may be tiny like a little mustard seed, but He says, you must invest your faith in something that is solid. Because the bottom-line is that faith is worthless, belief is worthless, your hope is worthless, if it’s built on that which is false and unreliable.

If Jesus is the Son of God, and if Christianity is true, then there must be a uniqueness to them both that sets them apart from all other religions. You see, all the other religions of the world contend that a person comes into the world and gives us information about God and how we’re to live our lives. But in Christianity, God Himself came into the world in the person of Jesus Christ. John chapter 1 says, “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory.” The apostle Peter adds in 2 Peter 1:16, “We were eyewitnesses of His majesty.”

The central message of every other religion is that you are saved by what you do, but the teaching of Christianity is just the opposite. You are not saved by what you do but by what Jesus has done. You’re saved not by following His teaching, but by what He did on the cross. Jesus has entered history and lived the life we should have lived and died the death we should have died. Atonement has been made. If we are to be saved by grace, these historical events had to happen. Christianity is a concrete religion like no other. It is concerned about truth, reality, and the historical record.


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