Caring for the Caregivers

Caring for the Caregivers

Who is caring for the caregivers? Today Richard’s guest is Phil Reddick, along with a panel of speakers, each giving their perspective on decision making, coping with these issues, grieving, and how to prepare for your loved ones during this critical time. This special seminar was hosted by The Center and YBL 2nd Half. Here is our panel of speakers:

  • Robert Atherton – Sales Executive with Temenos, who has gone through care-giving and loss with both sets of parents
  • Christy Baynes – President and Care Manager of LifeCare Solutions, Inc, who deals with and helps others with these issues daily.
  • Bill Nolan – The Alabama Elder Care Law Firm, LLC, who will discuss thinking through questions of legality and finances.
  • Loring Muir – retired banker, who lost his wife to dementia and just recently remarried.

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