Being a Healthy Man Part 5 – Friendship and Community

Being a Healthy Man Part 5 – Friendship and Community

How did God design us, and what were we made to long for?

God is a relational being, and we are in His image, so we are also relational beings. Relationships are inherent to who we are as people. If we were not made relational, then there would be no such thing as loneliness.

Why do people get lonely? Life is bankrupt without relationships.

Former pro football player Joe Ermann says this about men:
“This is our problem (as men): we compare, we compete; that's all we ever do. It leaves most men feeling isolated and alone. And it destroys any concept of community.”

Even to truly know God in the fullest way, we also need to experience God in relationship with other believers who know God intimately.

As you listen to this message, ask yourself, “How does this really apply to me?” Be honest with yourself. Then ask, “Is there something that I can do differently in my life?” Watch on YouTube


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