Jerry Leachman – Dead Men, Walking

Jerry Leachman – Dead Men, Walking

Are you a part of the remnant?

Jerry Leachman of ⁠Leachman Ministries⁠ joins us with a message for men – to help us examine where we are in life.

Many people are wondering in our culture today, “Am I seeing the America I have known fundamentally change before my eyes?” And maybe it’s never coming back.

I’m going to talk about the remnant today, because in the Bible and all the way through the Bible, it’s the remnant that always saves the city.

I want you to wonder: are you part of that remnant or are you just one more scared guy filling up with anxiety, bluffing your way through the world, trying to pretend to be brave, but you’re really not?

Jerry is a favorite speaker at The Center's events. Along with being an associate Chaplain in The NFL for many years, Jerry has done ministry in Guatemala, Scotland, Russia, Europe and Africa as well as all over the U.S.

He and his wife Holly have been on Young Life Staff and continue to be involved with Young Life here and also internationally.


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