Galatians Study – Part 4

Galatians Study – Part 4

We're studying Galatians 2 today.

After an interval of 14 years, Paul goes back to Jerusalem to confront 2 false brothers – false teachers. And he also went to see all of the 12 disciples, to make sure that they were unified in their mission of Christ with him.

Tim Keller writes: “If the other apostles had not confirmed Paul, if they had not renounced the false teachers, it would be very hard for Paul to retain his converts, because he had all these false teachers telling his converts that Paul was preaching a gospel that was inadequate, and not as full as the original apostolic gospel preached by the Jerusalem leaders.

So you can see why Paul wanted to come meet with them. Paul found that the 12 disciples were completely unified with him, which dispelled the false teachers attacks and propelled the growth of the church.


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