Michael Easley inContext – Reflections on the Existence of God

Michael Easley inContext – Reflections on the Existence of God

Richard joins Dr. Michael Easley to discuss Richard’s book, Reflections on The Existence of God and the importance of evidence-based belief.

Why is it important to have evidence to believe in?

In this episode we'll look at these questions many of us have:

  • How should we think about evil in a culture that loves evil? 
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What is my purpose in living?
  • What is the psychology of belief and unbelief?
  • How is the person and work of Jesus Christ apologetic evidence?

There are a lot of strong arguments for the existence of God, but two of the most compelling are the fine tuning of the universe and the person of Christ as the Son of God.

We should each examine the evidence out there and strive to believe responsibly.

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Dr. Easley’s experience in ministry spans four decades as a gifted Bible teacher and church leader. He was the 8th president of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois  He shares a passion for ministry, a heart for people, and love of God.

Michael Easley inContext wants to help you understand how God’s Word applies to the context of your life through interviews with subject matter experts, and men and women striving to obey Christ and His Word. 

This episode originally aired on Michael Easley inContext here.


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