Gospel of John Study – Part 13

Gospel of John Study – Part 13

Do you feel like you’re close to God? Do you feel like you have a close relationship with Him?

Missions leader John Oswald Sanders says, “Today, right now, you are as close to God as you choose to be.” Think about that. I believe he is saying that we determine the closeness of this relationship.

In author H.D. Morton's book In the Steps of the Master, he witnesses a scene in a cave near Bethlehem. Two shepherds had sheltered their flocks in the cave during the night. How were the flocks to then be sorted out?

Well, one of the shepherds stood some distance away, and gave his peculiar call. Each shepherd had a unique call, he says, which only his sheep knew.

Morton writes, “I watched it with my own eyes. His whole flock had run to him because they knew his voice. They would have come for no one else, but they knew the call of their own shepherd.”

How about you?


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