Jerry Leachman – On Point With Your Family?

Jerry Leachman – On Point With Your Family?

Happy Father's Day!

Jerry Leachman of Leachman Ministries joins us with a message for fathers especially, but also for all men – to help us all focus on the things that matter.

Are there any boundaries when it comes to human sexuality? How do our choices affect others in our lives? As a father, how do my choices affect my wife? My children?

Today's message is about living an upright life – how to be a righteous man. Righteous men are just normal guys, but they’re just not double-minded anymore. They confess their sins. They live with accountability. They want to be part of the solution.

Dads, you can demonstrate to your daughters how women should be treated. Men can model to their sons on how to think about real women, and how real men treat women. Women, even the most godly ones, cannot do that like a man can. Women can nurture. They comfort. They encourage and they’re powerful prayer warriors, but they cannot model for boys and demonstrate to young girls in the way men can.

Train up your child – create a desire in them to live for Christ through your example and through cultivating a loving relationship with your children. It's the most worthy job you could aspire to.

Jerry is a favorite speaker at The Center's events. Along with being an associate Chaplain in The NFL for many years, Jerry has done ministry in Guatemala, Scotland, Russia, Europe and Africa as well as all over the U.S.

He and his wife Holly have been on Young Life Staff and continue to be involved with Young Life here and also internationally.


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