The Legacy We Leave Behind

The Legacy We Leave Behind

If there were only room for one thing in your life, what would it be?

You know, when we’re dead and gone, I can promise you this, people will not remember us for the houses we lived in, the cars we drove or what we accomplished in our business or personal lives.

They will primarily remember us for the kind of people we were. Character, wisdom, love, and compassion. And if these qualities are what our lives are about, then we will naturally impact the lives of other people. And in the end, our lives will be known by the impact we have had on other people.

What is my primary loyalty in life – what is at the core of who I am? Is it money? Is it prestige and success? Is it the pleasures of life? There’s something that is at the core of each of our lives. If it’s not Christ, I want to challenge you to give Him preeminence in your life.


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