Galatians Study – Part 2

Galatians Study – Part 2

Today's episode previously aired on this podcast with the title “Seeking the favor of men or God?” I share it again today as it is Part 2 of our study of Galatians.

Isn't it interesting to think about how we let other people have such an influence on how we live our lives. I think we would all agree that the people in our lives are important to us. In fact, relationships are the substance of life. We were meant to be with other people.

But, am I living my life to please others? Or am I living for the approval of God? I can't do both. You cannot truly live to please and approve Christ and live to win the approval of man at the same time. One has to be above the other.

We're discussing a single verse, Galatians 1:10, to learn how to find true freedom from the fears that drive us to comparison, envy, jealousy and loneliness. ⁠Watch on YouTube


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