Drayton Nabers – The Case for Character

Drayton Nabers – The Case for Character

What is the single most important factor in an abundant life, or even a successful life?

Maybe you would say it's education or health, or maybe it's money.

If we thought it through, I believe that we would come back with the answer of character.

Well then, where does faith belong? Faith is a part of character, but I think that character is the single most important building block or factor in an abundant life – in a successful life.

And truthfully, in today's world, it seems that we have lost an understanding of what character is.

The Greeks were the first culture that studied character, and probably outside of the Bible, has left us the greatest legacy with respect to what character is. They used the word ethics for character.

The Greek said that to be ethical people is to be people of strong character. If we are people of strong character, then we will do the right thing, and like a healthy tree, we will produce good fruit.

So, what is the single most important question relating to character?

Today's special guest is my friend Drayton Nabers, Jr., successful attorney and former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He is discussing the subject of his book The Case for Character. Get your copy here.


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