Gospel of John Study – Part 8

Gospel of John Study – Part 8

Do you believe Christianity is true? If so, what is the evidence that you’ve built your faith on?

Conversely, have you rejected the existence of God? What is your basis of that decision?

The famous scientist Francis Collins was an atheist and incredibly well-educated. One day an older woman asked him about his faith. And it just kind of dawned on him.

He said, “As a scientist, I had always insisted on collecting rigorous data before drawing a conclusion. And yet, in matters of faith, I had never collected any data at all. I had never examined any evidence at all. I realized,” these are his words, “I didn’t know what I had rejected.” In other words, he said, “I had rejected God, I had rejected Christianity, but, in reality, I didn’t know what I had rejected. I had never looked at any evidence.”

And, as he began to examine the evidence, he was shocked at what he found. Today, he’s a very committed, outspoken Christian and one of the most prominent scientists alive today.

You see, evidence is important. In fact, we should want evidence, because the more evidence you have, the stronger your faith will be, just like if you’re trying a case in a court of law, the more evidence you have as the prosecuting attorney, the better the chances are that you’re going to win.

In this study we finish up John chapter 5.


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