Who Is Really In Control

“Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.” Matthew 10:29

I am amazed at how so many men refuse to relinquish their lives to Christ because they do not want to give up control of their lives. But, are we really that much in control? Consider these questions and observations:

1. Did you have control of where you were born?

2. Did you have control over the color of your skin, your eyes, your hair, or your height?

3. Do you have any control over the talents, abilities, or intelligence you received?

4. Do you have any control over the economy, the stock market, interest rates, or the deficit?

5. Though we should take good care of ourselves, we have no control over cancer, stroke, or Alzheimer’s.

6. At some point you will have no control over your children, they will be making their own decisions and choices.

7. Finally, in all probability, we will have no control over how and when we die.

God is ultimately in control. He is sovereign over the circumstances of life. As the good shepherd, He invites us to entrust our lives and our future into His care. The words of Hudson Taylor ring so true:

“God is ready to take full responsibility of the person whose life is completely yielded to Him.”


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