Walking Worthy Assessment

Walking Worthy Assessment

To be completed by my wife Jill

***NOTE TO MEN READING THIS–The purpose of this blog is to encourage you to up your spiritual game in 2016. As a man of Christ read this letter below I sent to my wife Jill and be challenged to do the same with your wife.

Dear Jill,

In Ephesians 4:1 Paul encourages believers to simply “walk in a manner worthy of the Gospel.” I’ve often shared that verse with numerous men and challenged them to do the following:

Ask 2-3 people closest to you for insights into any blind spots that you might be unaware of, or to suggest ways in which you may grow as a believer. For instance, are there any areas in your life that hinder your walk with Christ or harm your witness of Christ? Additionally, where do the greatest opportunities exist for your personal growth in the faith?

I add the necessity of giving ample time for those 2-3 people to mull over their insights and stress the importance of receiving whatever they share.

That’s been an incredibly easy challenge to give to other men over the years for obvious reasons. What’s not been easy is seeing that familiar chicken round the corner from time to time coming back to roost. Well it’s that season again where I’ve got to practice what I preach by taking an internal as well as external inventory in regards to personal holiness. Once those inventories are taken, I will make an honest assessment of where I am spiritually at present and where I can trust the Lord to lead me going forward.

As I move forward into 2016 my deepest desire is to know and receive more of the living Jesus than ever before. But before I can go forward in that endeavor I must make an honest assessment of exactly where I am at present. I must be open to the real possibility that a disconnect exists between where I think I am and where others see me. I must be open to the real possibility that just like a rearview mirror, blind spots may well be present. Who better to give me perspective than some of the people closest to me? Like those who see me when and where nobody else does. Like those who see behind any mask that might last the better part of any given day but comes off at home. Like those who look, observe, and assess more than anyone else because they see me the most. Like a friend, a co-worker, my children, and most importantly you my wife.

I’ve put together some questions below for you to consider, to pray over, and to answer about me. We can get together in a week to discuss over coffee. I look forward to gaining new insights that will help me better become the pastor, friend, father, and husband that God intends me to be and to thereby “walk worthy.”

  1. What disconnects do you observe between my belief system and actions?
  2. Do I do anything that embarrasses you or the kids?
  3. Are there any idiosyncrasies/love busters that you could bring to my attention?
  4. Do you feel like you are clearly in 1st Place in my life? If not, in what ways does that come out?
  5. In what ways have I caused you hurt in the last year?
  6. What are 3 specific things I can do to make you feel more cherished and loved?
  7. What would you hope to see me do more of or stop doing altogether?

8. Is there anything else you would like to share?

***NOTE TO MEN READING THIS–I got what I asked for, and the responses my wife gave me weren’t necessarily easy to hear or discuss. However, her insights will give me a better idea of where I fall short and how I might best move forward. As you read this be challenged to do the same that we both might better strive to be the men of God we’ve been called to be.

George Shamblin


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