Time for Change

Recently I’ve been challenging the men I meet with individually as well as in group settings on the importance of being different.  There is a constant theme seen throughout the Bible where God calls His people to be different in many respects.  The phrase used in Scripture that best captures this notion is “set apart.”  As Christian men we must be “set apart” from the things of this world, which includes the way we talk, the way we think, and the way we act.  To do so requires change and as you can read below change is often times easier said than done:

When I used to reject Christ and His Word it was not so much an issue of belief.  I didn’t have a problem believing the story itself.  The story was simply too good to be a mere human invention.  It was more of an issue of having to change.  Simply put the story demanded that I change my life to match that of the main character, Christ and that was the deal breaker for me.  I think that’s a deal breaker for most people.  Basically change costs us and it’s a price many are not willing to pay.

So as you read this please ask yourself how different you really are from the world.  Would people around you even know that you are set apart for Christ and His word, or do you simply look like everybody else?  If there is no difference its time for a change.  The question is are you willing to pay the price?


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