The Dangers of Indifference

As the summer comes to a close, most of us return to the routines of the fall:  children in school, a regular 5 day work week, football on Saturdays, and church on Sunday.  Why such a return to the routine of old?  Maybe, we find comfort in the monotony of the week or day only to find the variety available on a Saturday with an unexpected upset in the Top 10 of college football.  Or, we wish for life to be simpler and the return to the “norm” is a safe place for us to exist.  For some, they have become indifferent in their approach to life which fosters bitterness, resentment and intolerance.

In the last few weeks I have read three books that each ask a simple question to the everyday believer in Christ:

1 – Are you a fan or a follower (of Jesus Christ)?

2 – Are you a Christian atheist?

3 – Has your life been filled with empty promises?

A summary statement that encompasses each text is this:  what are you filling your life and heart with that is leaving you indifferent, lacking passion or zeal about who you are and what you are called to be as a disciple of Jesus Christ?

During 2012, I am meeting with more and more men, who believe in Jesus Christ, who feel lost in the game of life.  During our visits they express a genuine lack of passion or zeal for the goodness of life offered by Christ’s saving grace.  They are uncertain of their purpose in life, especially as a father and a husband.  They do not feel the presence or experience the existence of the Holy Spirit in daily life.  Uncomfortable with the Bible, they do not know how to read, study or ingest the Word of God offered freely to all who have a desire to know Him.  They do not pray for themselves, their families or their neighbors.  Unfortunately, they are bored with church and prefer to go only if required.  Men, why have we become so passive about our belief?

If this message resonates with your heart today, consider contacting one of the staff members at the Center.  We meet with men every day who wish to engage in an intimate relationship with God through independent and group study based on the truth available in Scripture.  We have many groups available to fit your need or preference, whether you are 35 and single, 48 and married with two children, 63 and still involved at work or 86 and looking to grow with some old friends.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the noted German theologian, advocate and author, once said:  A decision not to act is still an action!  We hope you decide to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not remain indifferent to the greatest gift ever offered.

“Helping tepid believers to become active disciples!”


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