Superman’s cape

Superman’s cape

Shortly after graduating from college, the Lord provided a mentor to guide my spiritual growth. Arrogant and cocky, I was adverse to the suggestion that I was chasing or pursuing a fabricated truth. He warned that the attractiveness of worldly possessions would soon become boring, not sufficient to quench an insatiable thirst. Focusing on my advancing career, I had little time for Christ or the truth from any source, much less the Bible. The pursuits of this life were more important than my preparation for the “next”. My reluctance to surrender to a greater cause was later interrupted, abruptly.

In my mid 30’s, I became more vulnerable, needy for something that was permanent, resilient and meaningful. The Lord provided another mentor who shared a provocative, sound, authoritative process to understand Scripture. He also provided a venue to share opinions, thoughts and questions. The format was open and vibrant, yet intentional on seeking the truth, the only truth worth relying upon. After months of deliberate, engaging study with a few other men, I become aware of my broken condition and the need for help. While at lunch on day, my mentor shared a challenging thought, “Todd belief in Christ is not like “superman’s cape”. We continued the discussion around this idea.

Like many people drawn to Jesus for healing, I thought this new belief in a Savior would provide all the ointments, the prescriptions and the tools to make the world right, by my standards. Or, at least, work in a way that served my purpose. You see, I wanted to wear the belief in Christ, as a uniform worn only when necessary. Donning this new garb would give me the “powers” to impact others for good, get my way, prove that I am worthy, or win a silly argument. I became a consumer of Christianity but not a learner or student of the Master. How naive!

My mentor suggested that donning “superman’s cape” would not provide the means to change the world to my liking. Instead, he firmly stated, consider allowing your heart to be changed by Him, through understanding His truth. A malleable heart will begin to reflect the characteristics of Christ showing a different approach to others. As Jesus states in Luke 6:45 “the good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart”. The study of Scripture and surrendering to the Savior daily allows the heart to grow with good. Consider wearing an invisible cape by learning from the Master, focusing on the truth offered by Jesus through not only healing, but His teaching. By doing so, the heart is changed.

As disciples to the Savior, our King, Jesus Christ, we are called into situations, problems, trials and troubles where the invisible cape of Christ is felt by others. They don’t need to be saved by you, but by the only one who can, Jesus Christ. Especially those in need of the grace and mercy that only a Savior could provide. Our role is not to done “superman’s cape” and save the day. Rather, I am to done the invisible grace of Christ and allow Him to save the day or the person or me….this is the type of love, integrity and obedience that Jesus was teaching the large crowd in the Sermon on the Mount.

I encourage you to find a group of men to engage in the search for the truth in Scripture, gleaned from the words of the Master, Jesus, so that your heart will be changed for good.


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