The Relay | Passing Along Your Faith In The Race To Save Christianity From Extinction

New book by George Shamblin, ministry team member with The Center for Executive Leadership!

The Bible is laden with stories of those who’ve carried the baton before us, who’ve stumbled, who’ve persevered. It’s equally laden with stories of God’s chosen people falling-away from their faith often in the space of just a few short years.

In The Relay, Shamblin catalogs the comparative successes and failures of nine individuals in passing-along their faith to the next generations from the father of all failure (Adam) to the ultimate Spirtual Rags To Riches success (Paul). At the center of his book, not only thematically but literally (chapter six of eleven), is Jesus Christ, whose followers took the race to a whole new level and a whole new arena.

While a relay makes for an apt metaphor for passing-along our faith, Shamblin concludes, our goal as Christians is not to win a race but to win the world. More than a message of profound affirmation, The Relay is a triumph of practical How-To advice for anyone looking to take their own journey with the Lord to the next level and beyond. See more content from George


The Relay | Behind The Book

With Author George Shamblin

I just finished reading the book THE RELAY. It is a book filled with a various biblical characters and describes their successes and failures. It is filled with great quotes and incredible stories of those who have run the race in our more modern times as well. Shamblin uses these lessons to encourage us to accept our responsibility and to entrust the faith and God‘s word to the next generation. He challenges us to endure the hardships and to continue to run the race before us. We will then be able to enjoy the fulfillment of completing our purpose and seeing and savoring our Savior one day. I encourage you to read the book, to run the race and to relay the truth to the next generation. Our world is depending on it.

Greg Champion

George is a passionate evangelist. His passion comes through in person as it does through this book. We all sometimes need encouragement to be more active in sharing our faith. The Relay provides that much needed encouragement.

Ken Azar

This book creates a sense of urgency for leaving a legacy. Will people know Christ by the way that I’ve lived my life? I hope so. George’s words are inspiring and relatable. I’m excited to share this book with my small group. Bravo, George!

Will Akin

Richard E. Simmons III

Richard is the best-selling author of The True Measure of a Man, Reliable Truth, The Power of a Humble Life, and more. His approach is structured and methodical, and his passion is transforming lives through gaining wisdom and applying truth to every area of life. In late 2000, he founded The Center for Executive Leadership, a not-for-profit, faith-based ministry in Birmingham, Alabama.

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