What is the Purpose of Pain and Suffering? Part 2

What is the Purpose of Pain and Suffering? Part 2

Where is God in the midst of our pain and our suffering? Is it possible that God has a much different view of pain than we do? In the book of I Corinthians, Paul tells us that the wisdom of God often appears to be foolishness to mankind.

I contend that often God’s greatest blessings are a result of the painful events of life. And the opposite of that is true as well – that often prosperity and comfort can corrupt us – they can corrupt us spiritually. I believe that God transforms pain, using it to teach and strengthen us, if we allow it to turn our hearts toward Him. Character, wisdom, compassion, Christlikeness. These are what God desires for us. This is the door, He says, that leads to our ultimate happiness and to a high quality of life.

Pain and suffering may be the road that gets us there.


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