Transitioning Well - Part 1

Transitioning Well – Part 1

Today my guest is Ken Boa, President of Reflections Ministries. He is teaching a 3 part series on Transitioning Well – How to take the greatest years of your life, when you have the wisdom, the relationships and the resources, to impact the world.

Ken says, “Age conspires with God to take away our temporal hope.”

Think about that again: “Age conspires with God to take away our temporal hope,” forcing you, against your will, to begin to think about the fundamental questions. How much time is there? Why am I on this planet? Because if you really think about it, you know that you’re an eternal being having an earthbound embodied experience.

In fact, your greatest opportunities this day will not be in your calendar. It’s the difference between kairos and chronos. Join us to learn more!


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