Thinking Clearly About Sexuality

Thinking Clearly About Sexuality

The greater the power anything has for good, the greater the power it correspondingly has for evil. This is called the Principle of Double Effect. An example of this might be nuclear power. When you harness nuclear power, it can be used for such good in generating electricity for people’s homes and for businesses. But when it’s made into a bomb, it can be incredibly destructive.

Another application of this principle goes like this: the greater the power anything has for joy in this life, the greater the power it also correspondingly has for pain. You see, God has given us a number of wonderful gifts that bring much joy and goodness to our lives, but they bring this joy and goodness when they’re used and enjoyed the way God intended. But, when these same gifts are misused and abused by us, they can bring an incredible amount of pain and sorrow to our lives.

I believe this is particularly true of sex. Our sexuality is one of the most meaningful and powerful sources of joy in this life, but it’s only when we experience it in the way God designed it. However, when our sexuality is misused and abused, it is the source of unbelievable pain and heartache. Unfortunately, large numbers of young people are finding their lives damaged emotionally, psychologically and physically because of careless and ill-advised decisions they’ve made with their bodies. Today I’m presenting the Biblical view of sexuality – the way God designed it. I contend that the healthiest, most meaningful, most satisfying and most pleasurable sexual experience is found between a man and a woman in a covenant relationship called marriage.


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