The Validity of the Bible in an Age of Skepticism – Part 2

The Validity of the Bible in an Age of Skepticism – Part 3

Are science and religious beliefs at war with each other? There are three different ways that people see the relationship between science and God.

The first is the belief that science and faith are at war with each other. This is the approach that Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris take – that science has the edge in credibility because it’s about provable facts, and religion depends on faith. The second is that they have nothing to do with each other. The great paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould of Harvard was an atheist and believed that science and faith occupy distinctly different domains. He said that science covers the empirical universe, while religion extends to the issue of morality, values, and meaning.

The final one is that the testimony of science points to, it doesn’t prove, but points to the existence of God. Dr. Steven Meyer, who has degrees in physics, geology, and a doctor’s degree in history and philosophy of science, all from the prestigious Cambridge University, says that, “new evidence has come to light in the last 50 years across a wide range of the sciences that supports a belief in God.”

Dr. Allan Rex Sandage, who is considered the greatest observations cosmologist in the world, turned heads when he became a Christian at the age of 50. He said that the Big Bang was a supernatural event that cannot be explained within the realm of physics as we know it. He said, “It was my science that drove me to this conclusion. It was only through the supernatural that I can understand the mystery of existence.” And then he said, “Many scientists are now driven to faith by their very work.”


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