The Validity of the Bible in an Age of Skepticism – Part 2

The Validity of the Bible in an Age of Skepticism – Part 2

Is there credible evidence that shows that the Biblical story is in harmony with secular history?

Unlike other religious literature, the Bible is not centered in a series of moral, spiritual, and liturgical teachings. The Bible centers around what God did in history and what He revealed in history. Peter Moore, the founder of Trinity Seminary said that Christianity is the only world religion to make spiritual truth depend on historical events. English historian and author Paul Johnson bolsters this truth by stating, “Christianity is essentially a historical religion. It bases its claims on the historical facts it asserts. If these are demolished it is nothing.”

Last week I shared stories of people who were convinced the Bible was a book full of myths. But once they were confronted with the strong possibility that the Bible was historical and true, it led each of them down a path to Christ. If the Gospels are true, then Jesus, the Son of God coming into the world would be even as talk-show host Larry King has admitted, the defining moment in all of history. And so today I want to talk with you about Christianity and the historical record. For me, it all started when I stumbled upon a history book of ancient Rome over 30 years ago.


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