The Validity of the Bible in an Age of Skepticism – Part 1

The Validity of the Bible in an Age of Skepticism – Part 1

How do we know that the Bible is truly God’s written revelation? It’s a legitimate question. This question always seems to come up in our culture and in our world today, and it plagues the skeptical mind.

And how can such an ancient document have any relevance to modern life? As C.S. Lewis was on his search, he stated honestly, “What I could not understand was how the life and death of someone else 2000 years ago could help us here and now.” I asked the same question years ago. I realized that I first accepted the Bible as God’s written revelation because several people that I trusted told me that it was. But I was never given a good reason. You know, just believe it. Just have faith in it.

As I look back, I felt that I was being told not to doubt. I believe this can be dangerous in a person’s life because it can take us in many different directions. For me, personally, I needed to know why I should believe it is God’s word. What kind of evidence is available, to show that the Biblical story is in harmony with secular history?


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