The Search for Meaning - Part 3

The Search for Meaning – Part 3

What are you living for? A few years ago USA Today did a poll, asking their readers this one question, “If you could ask God one question and get an answer, what would that question be?” And interestingly, the overwhelming number one question that the readers answered was ‘What on earth am I here for?’ Why am I alive? Why do I exist?

What are you living for? Becausethe way we answer that question will ultimately determine if we will ever find meaning in life.

French novelist and Nobel prize winner Albert Camus once said, “The fundamental question about life is the question of meaning. Anything else is secondary. Until the question of meaning is dealt with, I cannot give answers to the other questions of life.

I think Camus is telling us that the question of meaning is the most pivotal question in life. Life can be full of meaning… but it can only truly be found in Jesus Christ.


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