The Search for Meaning - Part 1

The Search for Meaning – Part 1

If you could live your life over again, would you do anything differently? As I meet with men every day, I find that there are so many men who live with the pain of regret.

Today’s podcast is about the book of Ecclesiastes – a philosophical book about the sorrows, the regrets and the life of King Solomon. You see, he turned away from his faith in his latter years, and he turned away to false God gods and to idols of the many wives that he had taken from foreign lands. And as he writes this book, he often stops and looks back, and he asked this one question, “Can man find meaning in life if there is no God?” I encourage you to join me for today’s talk.

As we approach this Christmas, remember the words of the hymnist, “Joy to The World, the Lord has come, let earth receive her King. Let every heart prepare Him room, and heaven and nature sing.”


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