The Pursuit of Happiness: Why is it so Elusive? - Part 1

The Pursuit of Happiness: Why is it so Elusive? – Part 1

I truly believe that many adults experience great unhappiness in life. A lot of them experience depression, which is not something that people want to admit, particularly men. We’re supposed to be on top of things, we’re supposed to be competent, together, and to acknowledge our unhappiness is something that we’d rather not do. This is a fascinating topic and I’ve found that it really is resonating with so many people that I’ve been sharing it with.

So, the question is, where is happiness found in this life? Over the next 3 podcasts, we’re going to explore this.

In our search for happiness, does God have a role to play? Why is He important in finding happiness?

I believe that happiness is a byproduct of living in the center of God’s will. You see, God never intended for happiness to be the object of life. It’s a byproduct of living our lives in the center of God’s will. When we seek to be in the will of God, we will find we are living in harmony with our design. We’ll be living the life that we were meant to live.

This is Part 1 of my 3-part series. I hope you enjoy it!


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