The Deep Longings of the Soul

The Deep Longings of the Soul

Have you given much thought to the big questions of life: Why am I here? Why do I exist? Author Peter Kreeft observed that, “We are the first civilization that does not know why we exist.”

Author and pastor Tim Keller says this about our Western culture, “We’re the first culture in history where men define themselves solely by performing and achieving in the workplace. And because of this,” he says, “in men’s lives, there’s never been more psychological, social, and emotional pressure out in the workplace as there is today.”

In the traditional social order, work was seen merely as a functional means of providing for the family and improving the quality of life within the community. In other words, work would not and could not define your life worth and value in a more absolute sense, as it does today.

“How relevant is God in my life, and do I get a sense of meaning and purpose from Him in my relationship with Him? Does he impact who I am as a person? Do I really matter to anyone?


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