The Bible: Truth or Fiction?

The Bible: Truth or Fiction?

Back around 1984, I came to the conclusion that I had committed my life to a religious faith that had as it’s source, a book. The Bible. A book that claimed in fact to be God’s divinely inspired revelation to mankind. And though I had discovered personally that it was experientially true. I had to admit that the primary reason I believe that the Bible was God’s Word is that, that I’d been told that all my life.

Maybe you’ve experienced that as well. But for me personally, I needed to go deeper. I needed more of an intellectual foundation on why Christians throughout the centuries have staked so much there – even their very lives on the words from a book that claimed to be God’s Word. And that’s the basis of this message this morning. It is a work in progress because I’m continually refining it.

For more on this topic, check out my apologetics book Reliable Truth.


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