Praying for Your Business Life

Today I welcome back my friend, Drayton Nabers. This time he is speaking on praying for your business life.

Nabers says that, “Prayer connects us to God’s grace. As we pray, we are seeking God’s grace with respect to whatever might be the subject of our prayer. The access to grace is always through faith.”

In Romans 5:1, Paul says, “Since we have been justified by faith, we have access to God’s grace.” So, if we are seeking God’s grace in prayer, we’ve got to pray with faithful hearts, believing hearts, and, as Paul says, with clean hearts that have been justified by faith in Christ.

Christ has an important role to play in the life of our business life. As we seek Him in prayer and come to Him with a humble heart, He will give us wisdom. He will help us to see the work we’re doing in the business world as God’s calling on our life. God has placed us where we are to bring Him glory by what we’re doing.

*You can download Drayton’s 3 resources referenced in his talk here: The Practice of Prayer, Andrew Murray on Prayer, Drayton Nabers handwritten notes on prayer*


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