Looking Reality in the Eye

Looking Reality in the Eye

Today I’d like to share a principle that I believe is the most important principle in all of life. I want to start with a theory that has to do with this principle, then close with how to apply this in your life.

Jack Welch, the well-known retired CEO of General Electric had this principle as the core of his management philosophy: the key trait of a vital, dynamic corporations is this: looking reality straight in the eye, then acting upon it with as much speed as you can. He shares,

“At GE you could be a hero no matter who you were or what you looked like. All you had to do was face reality and perform… yet I found it hard for people to actually do this… Self-delusion can grip an entire organization, and lead the people in it to ridiculous conclusions…”

Looking reality in the eye is to see things as they really are, not the way it was and not the way we wish it would be. Year after year Welch would tell a particular story to drive the point home to his employees. Tune in to hear his story, and more!


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