Level 4 Friendship

Level 4 Friendship

There is one thing that each of us need – if you have this, it will make your life. Tragedies and heartbreak will come, but if you don’t have this – you probably won’t do well. I’m talking about deep friendship.

At its center, Christianity is about relationships – our relationship to God and our relationships with people.

What kind of friend are you? I believe there are 4 levels of friendship: an acquaintance, a team member, a social friend, and then what I call a “franchise player friend” – this friend is closer than a brother. A level 4 friend is loyal for life. Whatever it takes they are with you.

Yet, many people don’t have a single level 4 friendship.

So how do I get Level 4 friends? Jesus said that whatever measure I give, that’s what I will get. So to get a Level 4 friend, I have to BE a Level 4 friend. Be the kind of friend that you long for others to be to you. Love the people you’re supposed to love with everything you’ve got.

Above all other friends, God, the King of glory is offering you His hand of friendship. How do you walk away from that? Your call.

Today’s podcast is from my good friend Jerry Leachman. I hope you enjoy it!


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