Interview on The Brett Snodgrass Podcast – What is The True Measure of a Man?

Interview on The Brett Snodgrass Podcast – What is The True Measure of a Man?

When thinking about manhood or what really defines what a man is; what do you usually think of? Money? Success? Women? Today Richard joins Brett on The Brett Snodgrass Podcast to discuss what the true measure of a man really is! We talk about fear of failure and unnecessary shame that comes with being a man. We also discuss why fathers need to be teaching their sons about masculinity at a young age and how God plays a role in being a man.

Brett Snodgrass is a successful entrepreneur and host of The Brett Snodgrass Podcast.Brett’s vision is to build a community of entrepreneurs and businessmen who truly desire to learn from and help each other to live their purpose. This episode originally aired on The Brett Snodgrass Podcast on March 14, 2022. Click here to watch the complete episode.


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