God Exists or He Does Not. There Is No Third Option - Interview with Billy Hallowell

God Exists or He Does Not. There Is No Third Option – Interview with Billy Hallowell

Faith. Culture. Hope. Life. Longtime journalist and commentator Billy Hallowell has covered thousands of the biggest faith and culture stories. Today I am honored to share a recent interview I had with Billy discussing my book Reflections on the Existence of God.

Either God exists or He does not – There is no third option. The question of God’s existence, in my opinion, is the most significant issue in all of life. As renowned French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal said, you are betting your eternal destiny that you are right.

My prayer for you is that through this podcast you will encounter truths and reasoning to challenge and bolster your faith.

Billy Hallowell is the director of communications and content for PureFlix.com, the former senior editor at Faithwire.com and the former faith and culture editor at TheBlaze;he has contributed to FoxNews.com, The Washington Post, Human Events, The Daily Caller, Mediaite, and The Huffington Post, among other outlets.

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Reflections on the Existence of God


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