A Life of Contentment - Part 1

A Life of Contentment – Part 1

Where do you find contentment in life? I believe that true contentment has nothing to do with what you have or don’t have. Contentment is in the state of your heart. I believe there are three sins, or vices, that have a huge impact on our lives. They rob us of true contentment.

What do you think these three sins might be? I believe they are pride, greed, and envy. The first reason they’re so deadly is that they’re so hard to detect in your life. Most people don’t think they’re guilty of any of these. I mean, how many people do you ask, “Are you greedy?” Nobody thinks they’re greedy. I’ve got control over the issue of money. Today I want to provide you with an antidote for these vices and how to find real contentment in your heart and life.

Think about the life that you could live if you had contentment… If pride, greed and envy can be somewhat nullified in our lives.

In Part 2 next week we’ll look at the secret to finding true contentment.


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