At Peace With All Men

My dad used to tell me I might be right in something but didn’t want to be dead right. I had no idea what that meant until he shared the following:

Suppose you are driving down the road and someone gets in your lane and is heading directly at you. You may choose to say “I’m in the right and am not going to swerve to avoid a head on collision.  That car is in the wrong and I’m not going to budge.”  Though you were perfectly in the right you wind up being “dead right.”  Sometimes when dealing with others we insist that we are in the right and won’t budge. But if we harm the relationship in the process we too could end up being “dead right.”

Christ gives us one solution when He says “humble yourself in the sight of The Lord and He will lift you up.”  Peter also said “as much as it depends on you be at peace with all men.”


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