Steve Singletary
Steve Singletary

“I’m Mad as Heck!”

“What’s wrong Jim?” (Name has been changed), I could tell that he was upset by the scowl on his face. We had been working through Reliable Truth, as a group for several weeks and I thought it had been going really well. The men were engaged and talkative, had done their reading and homework and seemed eager each week. “I’m mad as heck!” (He might have used another word). “Why? What’s wrong?” 

“I have been going to church regularly for years and I have never once heard any teaching on the validity of the Scriptures. This should be mandatory for every Christian!”

I couldn’t agree more. Jim may have missed those times of teaching or his church may not have taught on why we can trust the Scriptures both historically and spiritually. If we say we are followers of Christ and Christ has given us His authoritative, inerrant Word in both the Old and New Testaments then shouldn’t we have a solid grasp of how the Scriptures came to us and the evidence supporting them? Our faith will only be as solid as our foundation. These are the type of studies and discussions that are taking place on a weekly if not daily basis for men involved in studies through The Center. If this is a topic you would like to learn more about, I would encourage you to get a copy of Richard’s book, Reliable Truth: The Validity of the Bible in an age of Skepticism as a starting place. Just click on the “Books” tab at the top of this page and it will take you to Union Hill Publishing’s site. You can order copies of the book straight from that page.


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