Cartwright Morris Podcast: My Conversations

Listen to my conversations with people who have a lot to say on meaningful topics.

Cartwright Morris, a native of Birmingham, spent five years pursuing a career in the Health and Fitness industry. In 2011, he discovered his purpose – to help men become passionate and intentional in their relationship with God. At the Center, Cartwright leads men in their 20s and 30s in group Bible studies and one-on-one coaching.

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My Why with Cartwright Morris

Identity with Tray Lovvorn

College Ministry With David Ely

Valuing People with Patrick Sprague

Photography With Lane Mitchell

The Bible With George Shamblin

Growing In Music with Jason Dunaway

The Revealed Religion with Daniel Payne – Part 2

The Revealed Religion with Daniel Payne – Part 1

My Education: Purpose and Failure

My Education: Identity and Communication

My Education: God and Finances

Movie Breakdown: Take Every Wave

Drew McClure – The Hero’s Journey

Scotty Loveless – Listening Leads To Happiness

John Scott – Experiencing The Gospel

Farra Alford – Make a Decision (Again)

Andy Mason, Director of Heaven in Business – Living Unlimited

Richard Simmons – Pursuing Your Life’s Calling

Brad Holt – Searching For What Is Real

Jay Lloyd – True Masculinity

Jake Carnley – Defining Creativity

Daniel Payne – Theology? (Ep 3)

Christian Flowers – Hope

Jonathan Henderson – Holy Spirit In Life And Church


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