Are Your Beliefs in Harmony with Reality?

Christianity and atheism offer radically different perspectives on life.  They are mutually exclusive views, delivering opposite conclusions about the meaning of life and our existence as humans.

Does God Exist?

Dr. Craig said that as a philosopher (with two Ph.D.s), he had searched in vain for meaning, for hope, and found it only when he finally came to believe in Jesus Christ.  He said that Jesus changed his mind, his heart, and his marriage.  “I came to know joy for the first time,” he said.  “I can’t help but want to share the wonder of Jesus Christ whenever I am welcomed to give reason for the hope within me. I just can’t keep him to myself.”

All eyes were on Professor Jesseph after Bill Craig’s compelling response.  He said, thoughtfully, that if he had to share his hope with someone, he wouldn’t have much to say.  “I’d probably just go home, put on the Grateful Dead, and play chess with my computer.”

The connection between beliefs and living life

If what you believe is true, it will be consistent with what you see out in the real world.  If it is false, it will present a view of life that simply is not in harmony with reality.


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