Beautiful Mess

Don’t you love it when everything is neat and tidy?  When the beds are made, the floor is free of dirt, and there are no dishes in the sink?

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when someone doesn’t put the remote back where it belongs, or when they eat the last of your favorite snack and don’t replenish the stock?

How about when you’ve carefully planned your schedule and someone else doesn’t keep to your timetable?

One thing is for sure: where people are involved, there will be messes, inconveniences, interruptions, things we all dislike……almost always.

Among the people I met with in counseling this week were a man who is grieving the loss of his parents, a widow, and a couple who are new empty-nesters.  Guess what they all have in common?  That’s right, they all would gladly put up with the messiness again if it would give them more time with their loved one.

Next week I’m going to try something new.  When I find myself annoyed by someone else’s mess, I’m going to thank God for this messy evidence that I am not alone, but am surrounded by others that are very precious to Him, and that I have the opportunity to experience His grace as I share life with them.

People and mess.  You can’t have one without the other.


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