man adjusting his tie
man adjusting his tie

Are You in Control of Your Life?

Several weeks ago, in a men’s class that I teach, we were discussing how so many people find it easy to believe in God and Jesus, to regularly go to church, and to think they are leading a pretty good life. However, these same people seem to back away from the idea of truly surrendering their lives to Christ. As a man once said to me, “That is taking it way too far.”

That is taking it way too far.

In our discussion, I asked why they believed we are so reluctant and afraid of surrendering. Though I received several answers, the general consensus was “I do not want to give up control of my life.”

Are we really that much in control of our earthly lives?

I think that is probably correct. But it has caused me to wonder, are we really that much in control of our earthly lives? For instance:

  • Did you have any control over when and where you were born?
  • Did you have any control over the color of your skin, your eyes, your hair, your height?
  • Do you have any control over your talents, your abilities or your intelligence?
  • Do you have any control over the economy, the stock market, interest rates or the deficit?
  • Though we should take good care of ourselves, we have no control over cancer, stroke or Alzheimer’s.
  •  I am now realizing that in 5 years, I will have little or no control over my children. They will be making their own decisions and choices.
  • We cannot stop the aging process.
  • In all probability, we will have no control over how and when we die.
  • Finally, when we do die, we experience the loss of everything we gained in this life.
  • So, are we really in control of much of anything?

Do we just live in a random universe where our lives are at the mercy of the whims of fate? Or, is there someone in control?

We are told in the Bible that,

…the Most High God is ruler over the realm of mankind.” (Daniel 5:21)

We also learn that,

our very life breath and circumstances are in His hand. (Daniel 5:23)

Furthermore, Jesus tells us that,

not even a small sparrow will fall to the ground without God’s consent. (Mathew 10:29)

This ultimately becomes an issue of finding security in life. Insecurity is when you build your life on anything that can be taken away from you, or that which you have no control over. Real security is found in the hands of the eternal God. He is ultimately in control and He invites us to entrust our lives and our future into His care.

The great missionary Hudson Taylor offers these encouraging words:

“God is ready to take full responsibility of the person whose life is truly yielded to Him.”

This is where real security and peace are found.


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