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First Visit? Start Here

Someday I will………….

As we begin another year, most of us contemplate or articulate goals or objectives that we hope to achieve in 2016. The creative process allows us to dream, to imagine, to consider the possibilities of accomplishing or completing something important or significant. As we review our lists, we find one or two ideas that seem to fit in the category of ‘someday’. For whatever reason, the phrase above is whispered to ourselves in relation to a vacation, a purchase, an activity, or a project.

Consider our position or condition in relationship to Jesus Christ. Am I distant and wish to get closer, more intimate with my Savior? Am I deficient in my knowledge of Jesus’ ministry? Do I realize the significance of His coming? Whom and why did Jesus heal so many? Where did he travel, converse, teach? Who did he lead and why? What are some of his primary messages? Or, are you struggling with an issue, a problem, a habit or a feeling that is disparaging, painful and confusing. Or, maybe, you are facing difficult decisions thrust upon you by others including family, business or even church. Have you responded with the comment above?

In the ministry, it is not uncommon to talk with many men in January interested in developing their faith. They desire to understand their purpose, significance and meaning. They have attempted many other remedies: financial success, vocational achievement, or social elevation. Yet, they are sensing that something is missing. In a southern culture where church is “what we do” on Sunday’s, men are seeking something deeper for the other days of the week. So, they join one of our Bible studies at the Center.

This message is an invitation for you to do the same. In a recent article in Leadership Journal, Bret Mavrich writes that spiritual engagement is enhanced and encouraged by three important activities of a believer: a place of worship in community with others, personal time with the Lord in study of the Word, and inclusion in a fellowship group where men can discuss Scripture with friends. The Center provides multiple formats of study on most days of the week for men of all ages, denominations, backgrounds and situations. Our goal is to get men into the Word and the Word into the world.

If you have said “someday I will”,then become involved in a Bible study. Just maybe this is the time to truly act on that idea! Visit our website at for more information. We are here to help you learn about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We look forward to sharing the Word with you in 2016!


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