Wisdom for Life, Part 1 – Dealing with the Past

Wisdom for Life, Part 1 – Dealing with the Past

You are what you remember.

I believe that what we remember affects who we are and what we experience in this life. Many people are haunted or weighed down by baggage from the past. Others try to live in the future, thinking that when they get to a certain point later, then life will be full and complete. Either perspective makes their lives in the present miserable.

God designed us to live a full and joyful life each day, with no impediments from the past or the future. Today we’re looking at how to deal with the past. Next week, we’ll cover dealing with the future.

If our lives are healed of past wounds and moral failures, if we are able to let go of anger, hatred, and bitterness by forgiving others, and if we have a strong faith built on God’s Word, on God’s revelation from the past, just think of the life you could live. Think of how free and how vibrant and how healthy you could be, and think of how abundant life would be in the present. Right now.


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