What is the Purpose of Pain and Suffering? Part 1

What is the Purpose of Pain and Suffering? Part 1

If there is a loving God, if He is kind and loving, why is there so much pain and evil and suffering in this life? Maybe this is not important to you. Maybe right now you’re at a point in your life where you’re kind of insulated from it, you haven’t had any big waves of difficulty come your way, but this question will be important to you one day, I predict.

I had lunch Wednesday with a guy who, a year ago said that life had never been better. But this past November he had to bury his 18-year-old son. And he said to me, “Now, every day I think about this. I think about the pain, and the hurt, and the why.”

Today I want to consider some of the questions that are naturally raised when we see dreadful suffering among our fellow man. Maybe you’re experiencing suffering right now, and you have questions. I pray that this message will bring you fresh courage and hope in the God who is there for you.


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