Understanding Human Desire Part 1 – Thirsting for Living Water

Understanding Human Desire Part 1 – Thirsting for Living Water

What are you thirsting for? When you desire something, there's generally something out there that will fulfill or satisfy that desire.

But, one of the problems of life is when you become convinced that there's something out there in the world that you believe will satisfy your life. Then once you obtain it, you discover, “you know, this really doesn't do it. This really doesn't satisfy me.”

Or there may be an initial sense of satisfaction, but it just doesn't last. The thrill diminishes over time.

What is that all about? Psalm 64:6 ends with these words: “the inward thoughts and the heart of a man are deep.”

In this episode, we'll look at two things that help us understand our desires:

  • the knowledge of God and
  • the knowledge of self.

One of the great things about the Bible is that it teaches us what we need to know about God, and what we need to know about ourselves. Scripture reveals the thoughts and the intentions of the heart. >>Watch on YouTube


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